Chateau Neuf

Ivan Mazuze

Chateau Neuf Klubb Kadanza performance


Special thanks to Mar Gueye at Samspill and Knutt Killmer at Klubb Kadanza, Chateu Neuf in Oslo for making the last performance for 2010 of the World Beats tour possible. For those who bought the CD and came watching the performance thank you once again will see each other next time. God jul og godt nytt år. 

To Ivan Mazuze Group members of the band  I say many thanks for creating beautiful music together. 

The Group was comprised by the following elements:

Ivan Mazuze - saxophones

Liv Ulvik - vocal

Diom de Kossa - percussion

Arthur Kay Piene - keyboards

Gerardo Orego - bass

Antonio Torner - drums