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MOYA (2018) 

The Mozambican language Xichangana has a word, ‘Moya’ that translates as ‘spirit/soul’. And this album, rich with melodic and rhythmic delights that have been lovingly selected and sculpted from African and Indian traditional music, is in an all-embracing way, soul music.

Ivan Mazuze is a performer, a composer, an academic and a traveller who has found home in Norway. He is inspired by cultural differences and has immersed himself in studying the links that connect traditional music to contemporary music.  The choice of instruments ranges from sax, piano, guitar and bass to tablas, kora, and calabash. The material on the album explores the religious music used in practices during the spiritual possession trance ritual called Xikwembu.

This is truly captivating music. It is a blend of old and new, a merge of east and west, a mix of style and substance.  We say ‘asante’ to Ivan Mazuze and his chosen ‘tribe’ for a musical experiment that succeeds in every way.

By: David Fischel

Participant artists

Hanne Tveter, Olga Konkova, Bjørn Vidar, Solli Per Mathisen, Raciel Torres, Ibou Cissokho, Sidiki Camara and Sanskriti Shretsha. (2016)

The Norwegian Jazz forum proudly presents volume seven of This compilation gives a good picture of the Norwegian jazz scene today, ranging from mainstream to more modern forms, including what has come to be known as the Nordic sound. – 7th set shows the variety, the versatility and the quality of jazz in Norway as of today.

These CDs are produced by Norsk Jazzforum in close cooperation with The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Music Norway. is for promotional use only, not for sale. The first compilation was made in 2002. Volume 7, – 7th set, is available from January 2016. – 7th set – jazz from Norway 2016 includes tracks from the following artists:
Eivind Austad Trio – Ellen Andrea Wang Tore Johansen Espen Berg Trio Hans Mathisen  Hayden Powell – John Surman / Bergen Big Band Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet Kristin Asbjørnsen with Olav Torget  Bjørn Solli Solveig Slettahjell, Knut Reiersrud with In the Country  – Nils Petter Molvær Espen Eriksen Ivan Mazuze  – Bugge & Friends – Mette Henriette Thomas Strønen Time is a Blind Guide – Skydive Trio  – Stein Urheim & Mari Kvien Brunvoll – Eivind Aarset Håkon Kornstad  – Mathias Eick Arild Andersen Trio  – Waldemar 4 – Olga Konkova Trio – Jan Gunnar Hoff Group – Marius Neset  – Ola Kvernberg & The Trondheim Soloists Pixel  – Morten Qvenild – Mopti & Bendik Baksaas  – Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity  All Included  – Team Hegdal Atomic – World of Glass – Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Christian Wallumrød  – Krokofant – Large Unit with guests  – Elephant9 with Reine Fiske – Møster! – Hilde Marie Holsen 





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