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det jeg var ute etter, takk
Bom musico! Precisamos encontrar mais frequente. 25 de Junho e uma boa idea!
I am really proud of your music, it´s amazing listen good music from motherland, special when you are aboard. Viva papa Samora. Waiting for you in Barcelona… Abdul From Mozambique Currently live in Barcelona, Spain
just wanted to thank you one more time for a fantastic consert yesterday in Tromsø.
Hi iMazuze Espero que me reconhecas do facebook, pedi tanto que viesses para um concerto a Maputo, tenho me informado a cada instante sobre o teu upgrade, a surpresa do Ndzuti pegou me de repente, recordo me que da ultima vez que escutei o Piece of Peace quase chorava. Forca, voce me inspira. I really love your music, go ahead. Estou a espera do lancamento, supostamente previsto para Junho de 2012 do Nduzit.
goog site
Hi Ivan, I'm Suzy, a saxophone player from Namibia. I would just like to thank you for inspiring me with my first song. At the moment, I'm in the process of recording and releasing that single. I hope to play with musicians like you in the future! Thank you again :)
Oi Espero que tudo corra bem. Quando há qualidade o sucesso surge naturalmente. Keep the music alive!
Awsome! Very inspiring. Words? I really like it.
ivan you did the most awesome job at hifa 2011 it was great to perfom with you. and your own perfomance was 1 of the best this year i hope to have you again next year
Good Morning Ivan I'm from Mozambique, Maputo and I would like to say that i'm your fan, and i'm verry happy to hear that you have been selected to perform at the Cape Town Jazz festival 25,26 March. So unfortunatly, it will be impossible to join you, but my soul will be there. So do you best, and i thing that all fans from Mozambique will be with you. Congratulations
Quero dar parabens pelo seu fantastico trabalho.. incrivel ver como se chega longe quando gostamos muito do q se faz.. Prova disso está neste excelente album.. mais uma vez, parabens
hey Mazuze i surpport you all the way..
Fantastic, cool site. Thnx...Anton Poland
hi primoso!!! god bless u Congratulations for Maganda!!!
puro, genuino e forte!!! Maganda é o "meu" Smooth Jazz!!! a fasquia já está alta...
Always knew u had it in you. Hard work keeps it goin. Keep on doin it u make us proud
Maganda it's a great pleasure to have this kind of talent. A Xikwembu a xi ku katekisse, unga hi tsike mbilu leyo. A CD li bom mais. La lhamalissa. Keep it hot and real
Hi Ivan, Que Deus te ilumine sempre.Es um rapaz de muito talento.Musica boa para os que sabem o que querem. Mwaaa grande
Hello great ivan i'm nunes from MOZAMBIQUE, i would like to say i like your music and i congratulate you because of your fierst album. My problem is that i the concert that taked place in Franco Moçambicano, wos out , so that i would like to know haw i can buy your album Maganda? and your next concert in Mozambique when we will be? Thanks and i'm your fun.
Great to see how succesful you are with your music!! I keep the fingers cross for you for the DEBUT 09! YOU WILL MAKE IT!!
great and wonderful stuff keep the soung loud and high a luta continua
All great news IVAN MAZUZE Group has been nominated for Debut 09 semi final in the Oslo World Music festival. Vote to IVAN MAZUZE Group for the final. Just link to: http://www.rikskonsertene.no/no/Oslo-World-Music-Festival/Debut09/Stem-her/ See you at the final downtown Oslo
Hi Shamwari! I love this music....keep the spirit up, and we keep dancing along!
Gramei! It's culturally strong identtity. The "vovós" are there in your music!
This has been a very long time coming... the beginning of even greater things to come! One Love
Hi Camarada.Your music is nice.A luta continua.Aquel abraco
Great and spiritual Music.God bless you my bro.
Nice one my bro,i'm so proud of you man.i remember those days we used to play at that funny restaurant in Capetown when I was playing trumpet.love you my bro
Your music is fantastic!
CONGRATULATIONS Ivan, your site is Stunning!!! Well done my friend, love Shan
Keep up the Work, you deserve more
great stuff Ivan.Awesome tracks and i hope to celebrate on your SAMA next year. grace and Peace
Hey Ivan Thanks for sharing your gift with us.It is great to have witnessed how your music have evolved.I pray that it will be you taking home a SAMA next year. Grace and Peace
soulful music