Ivan Mazuze




 "Os maiores embaixadores do pais são os artistas"

Por: Jose Remedios, O Pais - Mozambique


 "As keen as many are to call jazz the classical music of America, there are practitioners who push for a broader take, such as the Mozambique-raised, Norway-based saxophonist Ivan Mazuze".


Peter Hum - Ottawa Citizen, Canada

"La conclusione dell’Edizione è stata affidata al concerto di Ivan Mazuze, straordinario e pluripremiato sassofonista e compositore del Mozambico, che ha presentato brani di una straordinaria forza, espressione del suo talento e della sua musica, un insieme di jazz, folk e musica tradizionale di quella che ormai viene definita “world music”.

Recensionedi: Annamaria De Crescenzo - Italia

 Il quartetto di Ivan Mazuze presenta una interessante commistione tra jazz africano e europeo, con una marcata propensione per il progressive e l’improvvisazione... I suoi progetti che spaziano dal jazz al folk alla musica tradizionale, sono considerati tra le migliori espressioni della world jazz come in questo particolarissimo progetto nel quale riesce a fondere elementi delle tradizioni africane, sonorità urbane, atmosfere nordeuropee e linguaggi improvvisativi contemporanei..

Recensione di: Annamaria De Crescenzo - Italia, 2016

 "Ivan has the confidence of a runner who can go at top speed if necessary but who knows the value of superb phrasing and tone"

By Anya Wassenberg, Arts and Culture Maven - Canada, 2016


"This is the third album that he has recorded and reveals a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist playing at the top of his game".

By Chris Baber, Jazz Views 


Førdefestivalen 2016 announces line up. Ivan Mazuze has been appointed as a musical leader/director together with Unni Løvlid for "Talent 2016" for young musicians from Kenya, Malawi and Norway. Førdefestivalen is a folk and traditional music festival voted as 25 of the best international festivals 2015 by Songlines.

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The song Dancing with Malala from the album Ubuntu (2015) by Ivan Mazuze has recently been chosen to be part of the compilation album JAZZCD.no 7th Edition in Norway. This compilation gives a good picture of the Norwegian jazz scene today, ranging from mainstream to more modern forms, including what has come to be known as the Nordic sound. JazzCD.no – 7th set shows the variety, the versatility and the quality of jazz in Norway as of today.

These CDs are produced by Norsk Jazzforum in close cooperation with The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Music Norway.

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"This is the world of jazz and world-class jazz. The names may be unfamiliar, but this is the musical greats throughout heard behind Ivan Mazuze and his amazing and interesting saxophone playing.
It is music that speaks, music that is not quite like what we are used to, but also no wonder. Ivan Mazuze is an exciting musician and Ubuntu feels like a cannonball".

By: Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten - Sweden

Ivan Mazuze was recently appointed as a new board member for the representative scene for national and international folk music, joik and folk dance - Rikkscenen

"Mazuze uses the strong earthy and funky in the African beat with Africa clear with major / minor tonality. But then pops up anyway quite familiar world, the Nordic tone"...

 By: Peter Rahbek, Jazzspecial Magazine - Denmark

 "Both the fine Dancing with Malala as the Malecon, the latter with Mazuze on flute, has the flavor of Chick Corea. Not least contributing bassist Peter Ndala with its full bodied playing"

By: Ulf Johansen, Lira Magazine - Sweden

 "Ubuntu" betyr noe sånt som medfølelse og medmenneskelighet på zulu-språket. Sånn oppleves også musikken. Dette er så unorsk som vel tenkelig og akkurat derfor er det så livgivende å ha Ivan Mazuze blant oss".

Av: Tor Hammerø, Tor Hammeros Blogg - Norway

"Piano læreren ga Ivan Mazuze smekk på fingrene hvis han spilte Bach og Beethoven feil. Jazzen ble frigjørende for Oslo musikkeren fra Mosambik"

Av: Hilde Bjørhovde, Aftenposten - Norway

 "For Mazuze er en dyktig saksofonist, særlig når han legger av gårde på altsaksofonen, lukker øynene og drømmer seg tilbake til hjemlandet"

Av: Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts - Denmark

 «Ubuntu» (Losen/Musikklosen) er eit solid album i den funky sørafrikanske sona, frå saksofonisten og komponist Ivan Mazuze, og med sine lyse saksofontone leverer Mazuze eit stilsikkert album"

Av: Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen - Norway

Ubuntu is a South African word (Xhosa, Zulu) and refers to a quality connected with human virtues, such as compassion and humanity. This is reflected in the warm sounds, the energy and the joy of the music. It is music that connects rather than divides.


Musikken er energisk og medrivende. Mazuze spiller musikk fra sitt hjemland med klare jazzreferanser, og hans medmusikanter følger han hele veien til døra. 

Av: Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts - Denmark

"As well-travelled musician Mazuze's fusion of Cuban sounds with clear contemporary jazz references gives his music a worldly feel"

By: Siyabonga Sithole, The New Age - South Africa

"Considered one of the biggest jazz music exports from Africa"...

News day - Zimbabwe

”Ivan Mazuze personifies generosity of spirit on this album. There is a kind of benevolence and compassion about his work that lifts you, makes you smile and feel good inside. In the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Music is the universal language of mankind”.

By: David Fischel 




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