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Mozambique's Ivan Mazuze is a saxophonist and composer with an academic expertise in ethnomusicology and jazzy performance side that shines throughout his latest release, Ndzuti, which means "shadow" in the ancient language of Xichangana in southern Mozambique. Ivan's jazzy repertoire contains a little Congolese and Cape Verde guitar work, Afro-Jazz leanings, and Norwegian heritage on the piano. Manou Gallo, from Ivory Coast, offers her singing talents, alongside Mali's Sidiki Camara on percussion and Cuba's Omar Sosa on piano. The light melodies, jazzy grooves, and African ambiance is plentiful and spirited. Fans of world jazz, Mozambique music, Afro-Jazz, Afro-Cuban music, and instrumental delights will find happiness in the sounds and vibes of Ivan Mazuze and his group.

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Ivan Mazuze Quintet Live at Cosmopolite Scene

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Ivan Mazuze Quartet at Play Music Festival 2017