Mozambican year at CAK 2010

Ivan Mazuze

Mozambican year at CAK


Hi all, Christmas and end of the year is approaching and would like to wish you all a great last month of 2009.


I had a very interesting performance this afternoon in Oslo, playing for grown ups and kids at CAK (Cultural African Centre). What so special about this performance was the fact that there were quite a significant number of kids between the ages of 3 to 7 years old. I always wanted to perform my original music to kids and was great to see them dancing to the grooves and melodies of the music. Children take music for what it is and they are innocent judges of what we "grown ups" refer to as "feeling", in other words they have a natural instinct towards organized sounds.

Thank you Barth Niava (CEO) of CAK, has been a pleasure to close the mozambican year at CAK .

Ivan Mazuze