Release Concert 2012 in Oslo

Ivan Mazuze

Release Konsert (Ndzuti)


Special thanks to Dominic Reubens and Malika Makouf (Global Oslo Music) for making this release concert possible to happen. My special thanks goes as well to Oslo Kommune (Kulturetatten), FFUK and FFLB for providing financial support for the release concerts tour in Norway.

For those of you who came and gave your entirely support and bought the CD Ndzuti, thanks and keep enjoying the music.

Many thanks to the members of my band at this release tour:

Ragnhild Tveitan: saxophones

Andre Viervoll: piano and keyboards

Sidiki Camara: percussion

Marque Gilmore: drums

Isildo Novela: bass

Emil Thue: sound engineer

Oslo Global Music 2012_resized