World Beats Tour 2010

Ivan Mazuze

World beats tour (Samspill)



 Thanks to Samspill and staff Mar and Pierre and Union Scene to Ricardo Sanchez, to Oslo Audio (Martin Vinje) for providing a great sound technician. We really had great time performing both in Drammen at Union Scene and at Innvik in Oslo later on saturday. Two different performances at the same day, Union Scene was more listening seating crowd, I really enjoyed to know that there is people out there that really listen and appreciate this art form. But later at Innvik (black nordic theatre) we had the greatest gig of the tour, beyond expectations with such expressive audience. Thank you to my sponsors Norsk Jazzforum and Norskkulturråd and Samspill to make this tour possible.

Ivan Mazuze group on this tour was comprised of the following elements:

Ivan Mazuze-saxophones

Hanne Tveter-vocals

Gerardo Orego-bass

Antonio torner-drums

Arthur Kay Piene-keyboards

Ricardo Sanchez-percussion


Catch below some of the great moments we had during this tour

Looking forward to the next tour in South Africa, Cape Town.