Musically this day started with yet another surprise. Saxophonist Ivan Mazuze who comes from Mozambique but he lives in Norway. In his quartet we find drummer Raciel Torres, originally from Cuba, but living in Norway, bassist Ellen Brekken, from Østerdalen in Norway and Italian pianist Enrico Zanisi. Mazuze have a couple of recordings out on the Italian company CamJazz, but he has been under my radar since his debut album a few years ago. Therefore, it was gratifying to experience a very vital saxophonist with a brilliant band. Admittedly the bass sound was really bad in Brekken’s beautiful ballad, but otherwise, this worked very well, and the packed Piazza Santa Lucia loved it. Musically energetic and riveting. Mazuze plays music from his homeland with clear jazz references, and his fellow musicians, follows him all the way to the door. It was also nice when Mazuze invited festival's director Enzo Favato to join the band at the encore. This is a quartet I’d like to hear more often! ” - Jan Granlie

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Ivan Mazuze

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Oslo Jazz Festival 2019, Melahuset, Oslo, NO

Ivan Mazuze: saksofoner Per Mathisen: bass Olga Konkova: piano Bjørn Vidar Solli:gitar Raciel Torres: trommer Sanskriti Shrestha: tablas

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Ivan Mazuze Band

International Academy of Music Festival 2019, Lucca


Ivan Mazuze Band

International Academy of Music Festival 2019, Gallicano