Womex 2011 Womex is having their last year in Copenhagen now between Oct. 27th and Oct. 29th and TrAP is there for an effort to raise attention to Norwegian based transnational (world) music. This is an initiative and a collaboration between the Nordic institutions World Music Denmark, Riksförbundet för Folkemusik och Dans (Sweden), Global Music Centre (Finland) and TrAP (Norway). The partners intend to give attention to music of world music identity based in the Nordic countries at this, the 2011 World Music Expo (Womex). For optimal visibility we have made a partnership with the Nordic Club four country partner institutions, having their own stage inside the Womex umbrella – at the DR-huset, for the three nights of the expo. In Norway the partner here is Music Export Norway. In addition - targeting the Womex delagates, - we have enlisted the global music stage Global at Nörrebro to make early evening concerts for all three nights. Three Norwegian based bands will perform in Copenhagen during the period and will be marketed at the Womex from the Nordic stand of the expo. The bands have been selected and short listed by a traditional music and world music jury appointed by Music Export Norway.  This project has been made possible by the generous support of Nordisk Kulturfond. The three Norwegian based bands to perform are: Farmers MarketPadikIvan Mazuze Group Learn more about Womex. ” - TRAP

— Womex 2011

Ivan Mazuze

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Oslo Jazz Festival 2019, Melahuset, Oslo, NO

Ivan Mazuze: saksofoner Per Mathisen: bass Olga Konkova: piano Bjørn Vidar Solli:gitar Raciel Torres: trommer Sanskriti Shrestha: tablas

Kr 220


Ivan Mazuze Band

International Academy of Music Festival 2019, Lucca


Ivan Mazuze Band

International Academy of Music Festival 2019, Gallicano