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Award winning saxophonist Ivan Mazuze is a performer, a composer, an academic and a traveller who has found home in Norway. He is inspired by cultural differences and has immersed himself in studying the links that connect traditional music to contemporary music. It is a blend of old and new, a merge of east and west, a mix of style and substance. A musical experiment that succeeds in every way.



"The interplay between sax and piano captivates the listener with changing colours and meaningful dialogue...This album has funky grooves, soulful melodies, and, most importantly a distinct and catchy sound. Highly recommended! Written by: Ivana Popovic for Whole Note -Canada


«And so this music breathes a great global mood, influences from East and Middle East, from Africa and from jazz. Add to this the special Nordic atmosphere that has already been established in the saxophonist's game»

Wolfgang Giese - Musikansich, Germany


“It is a captivating fusion of tradition and modernity”

Kasia Idzkowska - Jazz Press - Poland


"Ivan Mazuze pushes the boundaries of contemporary jazz to include a variety of influences and sounds beyond its usual borders. Assured and virtuosic playing by Mazuze and his collaborators pull it all together into a kind of global musical language with an accessible and melodic appeal"

by: Anya Wassenberg - All About Jazz


"...a sophisticated mastery of song forms which put simple, elegant harmonies over shifting rhythmic patterns... If anything, his compositions have become even more engaging on this outing; indeed, he manages the difficult act of balancing complex rhythmic and harmonic ideas with immediately accessible melodies"

Chris Baber, Jazzviews - UK


"For Mazuze er det å skape jazzmusikk imidlertid aller mest en mulighet til å vise verden hvor han kommer fra. I jazzen kan han fortelle sin historie." 

Auslag Olete Clausen, Ballade - Norge